Central Europe Energy Partners

Central Europe Energy Partners (CEEP) represents the interests of the energy and energy-intensive companies from Central Europe in order to strengthen the region’s energy security within the framework of a common EU energy and energy security policy. It is the first major body to represent the region at the EU level. CEEP is an international non-profit association with its headquarters in Brussels (Belgium).

By combining its capabilities and experience and enhancing co-operation between energy and energy-intensive companies and research institutions, CEEP identifies and advocates common problems and their solutions, whilst facilitating successful implementation of the EU’s energy and energy security policy. Furthermore, CEEP takes an active role in the process of the creation of EU laws for the energy sector, some 70% of them being decided at the European level.

We represent the widely understood Central Europe energy sector (coal, gas, oil, renewables, nuclear, grids, and energy-intensive industries such as steel and chemicals, etc.).