Dr. Antonio Nicotra
Head of LNG for Transport
Gasfin Group

Antonio Nicotra (1950, Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry 1973) is Head of LNG for Transport of the Gasfin Group, a private holding specialized in LNG technologies and developing innovative LNG solutions for remote power facilities and all kind of mobility, ultimately also for aviation.

He is an Oil & Gas specialist, with 40 years’ background on fossil & renewable sources, focusing on improving energy sustainability on well-to-wheel basis.

He is a member in LNG related Association and Institutions:

  • ILNAS Delegate for CEN-TC 326 and WG5 Convenor (Luxembourg delegate at the Technical Committee CEN/TC 326 “Natural Gas Vehicles – Fuelling and Operation” for implementing the European Standards for NG Vehicles refueling station and operation and coordinator of the 5th working group related to use and operation of LNG vehicles.
  • IGU WOC5.3 Member (International Gas Union, 5.3 Working Committee for Use of Gas in Natural Gas Vehicles)
  • NGVA Europe Coordinator of the LNG and L-CNG Stations Working Group