Dr Egbert Laege
Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Egbert Laege is Powernext’s CEO since January 2015 and Cleartrade’s CEO since June 2016. Additionally, he is the Executive Director Gas Markets of the EEX Group and responsible for PEGAS, the central gas trading platform of the Group operated by Powernext. He is also part of the Supervisory Board of the Paris-based European power spot exchange EPEX SPOT SE and has been serving as a Board member of EFET (European Federation of Energy Traders) since 2001.

Dr Egbert Laege has been a member of the Management Board of EEX since January 2015.

Dr. Laege obtained his PhD from the University of Stuttgart in 2001; he spent 13 years at E.ON, first managing trading desks for different regions in Europe before becoming Vice-President Portfolio Management, Vice-President Upstream Strategy and, finally, Director of Prompt & Dispatch Trading.

Dr Laege was named Member of the Board of E.ON Ruhrgas AG in 2011 and appointed Chief Commercial Officer Asset Optimisation from 2011 to 2013.