Natural gas - clean, abundant, efficient – should be a key part of every modern energy mix. The problem, for smaller, isolated markets, is to make it economic. For many, rightsized LNG infrastructure is the solution, and this is what Gasfin is dedicated to providing.

Gasfin focuses on projects from 50,000 to 2 million tonnes LNG per annum, where reducing unit costs is critical to economic viability. With their roots in cryogenic gas engineering and EPC, their role is to optimise, de-risk, price, and deliver robust new LNG infrastructure links to small gas markets. Working as developers willing to participate in long term project ownership, Gasfin share the interest of their clients in successfully implementing projects.

As well as designing and pricing the new LNG 'link' their customers need, Gasfin must also integrate each project with the global LNG trade. Both commercially and technically, the LNG industry operates to unique and demanding standards - but their proven solutions, technical approach, and the support of “best in class” partners help ensure market acceptance.