Hot Half Hours
Wednesday, March 7th
4:00pm - 5:30pm
Managing Director
LNG Croatia
Executive Director
LNG Allies
Member of the Board of Directors
Senior Fellow
EastWest Institute
Director of Exploration & Production Commercial
INA, d.d.
Director of Exploration and Production Portfolio Development
Senior Policy Advisor
About This Session

Sit down with other industry figures to learn from someone on the inside of a leading energy project. Projects will be grouped into categories in order that relevant experiences and insights can be shared more easily and delegates can focus on their specific areas of interest.

LNG Focus 
- Can LNG have a real impact on CEE energy markets? 


  • Goran Francic, Managing Director, LNG Croatia
  • Mindaugas Jusius, CEO, KN

Pipes & Interconnectors Focus 
- Which infrastructure projects will go ahead and what is required to get them there? 


  • Mirek Topolanek, Member of the Board, Eustream
  • Danila Bochkarev, Fellow, EastWest Institute
  • Bernd Rajal, Partner, Schoenherr

Exploration & Production Focus 
- What are the prospects for Exploration & Production throughout the CEE region and what will the impact be on the CEE gas markets? 


  • Visnja Bijelic, Director of Exploration and Production Commercial, INA
  • Josip Bubnic, Director of Exploration and Production Portfolio Development, INA

Demand Side Focus 
- How will the drive towards electrification affect European gas demand?


  • Lisa Fischer, Senior Policy Advisor, E3G